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Danesh leather design

The John Doe - Template - DIY - Pattern Pdf

The John Doe - Template - DIY - Pattern Pdf

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DLD patterns by Danesh Leather Design are intended for Leather crafters who either want to practice or develop their skills or in need of innovative and up to par designs for their shop and small businesses.

I invite you to visit my website at and my instagram account at @daneshleatherdesign to follow and look at the full collection of patterns available to download, you can also see the finished i tems, discuss designs and learn advanced techniques and skill

The John Doe

The John Doe wallet is a vertical flap wallet with a few design features, which are practical and minimalistic: The flap itself features a no hardware closure and the back pocket which is corset stitched, locket in place with an insert piece. It’s overall size is 9.5X7cm and it takes 10 cards, cash and coins with ease.

The pattern is made for intermediate and profesional crafters although i recommend beginners to take the task to improve and learn a few techniques along the way. After all, one of the Maker’s hub goals to teach and improve technical knawledge. 

For this project you’ll need medium or hard tempted leather, thickness should be 1.0 - 1.6mm. For the closure piece i recommend hard tempered leather.

About the PDF 

The pattern arrives is a PDF file in A4  and letter size, so make sure to print at 100%. It includes basic instructions, marked skiving areas, folding lines and stitch guides.

After purchasing the pattern you can use it to sell items at your small business with no limits on quantity.

The Pattern should not be shared or distributed under any circumstances.






Enjoy the process (:







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